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Got it?

April 8, 2010Kabri No Comments »

– Well, not quite…. Lara did good working today. She’s starting to get quite good and thanks to clicker training! She has quite good motivation now. We did today some fetching and remote commands. Remote commands were good, she didn’t rush with the position exchanges. Fetching was also quite good. Still she comes a little […]

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Black gang…

March 28, 2010Kabri No Comments »

…in order ❤ Well yeah, one of my friends has always said to me “What kind of food are  you giving for the cat, because it certainly doesn’t look healthy!?” Yep, she’s eating chicken leg etc. 😀 Thank goodness Lara and Neve are quite normal. 😉 Lara and Neve has all their toys in the […]

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