Not so good…

April 24, 2010Kabri No Comments »

Neve might be suffering from phantom pregnancy or something to do with her back muscles…but today she DID NOT be herself at all. She WALKED the whole messenger training through, yesterday she thought about not eating at all – the dog who ever says “NO!” to food and hasn’t ever done that bad messenger training, not even on her worst training sessions last few summe’s. Few times in past weeks she has refused on going walking on leash (well I’d to the same because we have forests and fields around us ;)). Otherwise she is a normal dog, doesn’t drink more or less. Also likes playing and isn’t in any other way sick at all.  Well, let’s see…

But when there’s bad there’s always something good too – I mean aquarium and The Cat. We went with dogs outside to the woods with Jodi. She did like it very much!

And here is the video about aquarium – Mälli is surfing. 😀


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